Hi, I'm Shalvah.✨

I love crafting software to solve problems. Finding a challenge, designing an API or tool to tackle it, and bringing it to reality with code? That's my jam. Some other things I love: developer tools, open source, cycling and basketball.

If you've been on Twitter for a while, chances are you've seen someone mention one of my works, @RemindMe_OfThis or @this_vid. They've been used by over a million Twitter users, processing at least 8k mentions daily (see TechCrunch), and they're fully open source. (Fun fact: I ran them both for less than $100 a month!)

I've made several other things, including Tentacle, which combines your favourite blogs into a single weekly newsletter. I'm the maintainer of Scribe, a tool that automatically generates human-friendly API documentation from your codebase.

I love learning and sharing. I write about interesting challenges I encounter on my blog, and most of my code is open source. I've also written a book on observability basics, and I made a course to help developers write better docs.